Terry grew up and still resides in Martindale, Arkansas. He was born 11-24-1954. He continues to be married to Carla for over 44 years. They have two daughters, Amanda 38 and Mikayla 28.

Terry believes in giving back. He has donated his hair 6 times to organizations that make hairpieces for young girls with cancer.

Terry is an instructor of all things (Most things) OSHA, EPA, and DOT. He is now the sole proprietor of the training provider known as MCF. He spends many of his days at people’s workplaces helping keep them working safe and in compliance with the regulators. He has taught classes in 17 different states, literally thousands of classes.

Terry is considered and proven to be a master communicator. He is a HAZMAT specialist and instructor. He also specializes in the topics of RCRA hazardous waste and Confined Space Entry and Rescue.

Terry is a much-requested motivational speaker, attending as a speaker at 16-18 annual conferences and conventions each year. Through the years he has become infamous for his ability to maintain interest and incorporate story telling into his classroom settings.


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